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Marketing Design

Helping build Chargeback911's flexible marketing toolbox
2016 - 2019
Overview 📋

How can we better reach companies that need assistance with dealing with disputed transactions?

How can we build print and digital marketing assets more rapidly as we experience growth?

After joining Chargebacks911, I saw there wasn't a source of truth nor standardization for the brand's design language. To help instill the brand's mission, vision, and values through a codified form, we created a style guide using our newly created styles. With an organized reference guide, we could onboard other teams, partners, vendors, and third parties to our brand design language quickly and more thoroughly. I also happen to be a huge nerd for design documentation.

Chargebacks911's brand design documentation

Chargebacks911 Website

Website Design & Blog 👨‍💻

To help solidify our product offerings and expertise, as well as organize our content through a linear site architecture, we needed to redesign the main website, landing pages, and overall branding.

While undergoing a redesign, we also needed to standardize our website components (buttons, typography, navigation menus, links, etc.). Our goal for a website redesign, similar to many other companies' website redesign goal, is to direct more traffic in hopes to ultimately find readers who would benefit from our platform.

After redesigning the website and creating a greater amount of interactive content (blog posts, webinars, ebooks), we gathered higher conversion rates, more traffic, and a greater number of qualified sales leads:

Website redesign - showcasing the homepage

Chargebacks911 Website

After redesigning the website and updating the content strategy, we saw

a 250% growth in website traffic and 400% growth in inbound leads

Helping prospective users understand who we are

Chargebacks911 About Page

Providing brand assets and content to third-party vendors and partner companies

Chargebacks911 Press Resources

Resources page helping organize the different facets of our marketing strategy

Chargebacks911 Blog

Responsive Infographics 📊

Part of the content marketing strategy was to employ the use of infographics - the goal being for others to share the infographic to gain content traction.

We thought that we can make that easier and device-friendly by using The New York Times' Adobe Illustrator plugin that would render the artbooards into multiple splices of HTML for specific breakpoints. We would then host the single HTML file and use our own custom JavaScript plugin to embed the infographics with a single line of code.

Embeddable Infographic

Chargebacks911 Infographic

Embeddable Infographic

Chargebacks911 Infographic

Embeddable Infographic

Chargebacks911 Infographic

Marketing Design Assets 🎨

Some of my time was spent redesigning all of our marketing assets per our newly-documented visual styles. Those responsibilities consisted of redesigning our tradeshow booths, flyers, ebooks, banner ads, pitch decks, etc.

Due to our increased marketing traction, we began seeing it was getting difficult to keep up with the items that needed to go out the door and the time we had on hand.

In order to keep up with the scale of our marketing presence, we began creating templates and guides for some of our marketing items (eg. pitch decks, booklets, flyers) - which in turn gave other team members the ability to create an asset they needed without having to worry about designing it.

Digital Whitepapers

Ebook covers

Ebooks available to download


Tertiary assets for Chargebacks911

Conventions booths, flyers, powerpoints

Landing Pages and Emails ✉️

With the increase in the amount of new content being created from our writing and marketing teams, we saw the need to build landing page/email templates rather than build each page from scratch each time.

Using HubSpot's templating language, HUBL, we were able to create a wide array of templates for newsletters, landing pages, and notifications - in turn helping us increase the speed at which we could deliver content to our audiences.

Landing Pages